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Stainless Steel Walnut FK N°06 סכין מתקפל ידית אגוז

Stainless Steel Walnut FK N°06 סכין מתקפל ידית אגוז

חדשות חדות! לאחרונה הוספנו אפשרות חריטה על להבים וידיות על חלק מהמוצרים, נא ליצור איתנו קשר בוואטסאפ לבירור המחיר

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Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 7cm/2.76in

Overall Length: 16.6cm/6.53in

Weight: 40g/1.41oz

Handle: Walnut Wood

The Opinel No. 6 is one of the representatives of the Tradition series. This knife is great for everyday use or use for fishing, hunting, picnic. It is small in size, and besides, it also folds, which allows you to carry this knife in your pocket. Such wearing will be completely safe, since the knife is equipped with a lock that prevents it from opening without permission. This is a sleeve retainer known as viroblock. Its principle of operation is that there is a longitudinal section on the metal bolster and this part rotates in a circle, fixing an already open or closed blade.

The blade of the knife is made of Swedish-made stainless steel. This is a 12C27 brand known for its quality, which has high rates of corrosion resistance. Blade length is 70 mm. It is smoothly sharpened and shaped to match drop-point knives. There is a small notch on the blade, hooking it with a fingernail, you can easily open the folded knife.

The handle is made from walnut. It has a natural light color, round in cross section, slightly expanding and becoming more oval towards the end.


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