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Opinel N°117 Spreader

Opinel N°117 Spreader

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Opinel N°117 Spreader 

Blade Material: Stainless Steel Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 7cm/2.76in

Overall Length: 16.7cm/6.46in

Weight: 26g/0.92oz

Handle: Beechwood/Coloured

A handy knife will help you enjoy butter, jam, cocoa paste, pate and other amazing goodies. The blade in the form of a spatula contributes to a neat smearing in an even layer. The handle of the knife is made using beech wood. Beech is often used to create handles for Opinel knives. For better protection against water and dust, the handle is varnished.

The blade is based on Sandvik 12C27 steel. It is a stainless steel alloy. Stainless steel does not require special maintenance. The hardness of steel reaches 58 units on the Rockwell scale. Blade length - 6.5 centimeters. The handle of the knife is made of beech and varnished for better protection against dirt and water.

When using a knife, follow the rules for caring for the product. It is recommended to store knives in a special place provided for this, separately from other utensils. Use the product only for its intended purpose, protect from deformation and damage. Avoid contact with aggressive cleaning agents. Only hand washing is allowed. Subject to these rules, the model will last a long time and will work efficiently.


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