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Opinel N°12 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

Opinel N°12 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

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Opinel N°12 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

Blade Material: Stainless Steel Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 12cm/4.72in

Overall Length: 27cm/10.63in

Weight: 45g/1.59oz

Handle: Olivewood

Knife Opinel No. 12 is a sirloin model with a long and narrow blade. In addition, the blade bends quite well, making it convenient to use the knife for separating fish fillets from the bones. It is also suitable for meat or cheese, but it is better not to cut harder foods with such a knife so as not to damage the blade. Blade length Opinel No. 12c is 120 mm. Taking into account the same handle, the size of the knife reaches 270 mm. However, it is convenient to store it not only at home in the kitchen, but also to take it with you on any trips. The fact is that this knife is folding.

Opinel No. 12 does not require much personal care, as it is made from practical materials. Its blade does not rust (Sandvik 12C27 steel) and is easy to sharpen. The handle of the knife is made of olive wood. It is light, covered with a special protective varnish, approximately from the middle - it narrows and goes down so that the knife can be firmly held in the hands. The tree has proven itself well for the production of knife handles. Moreover, this breed is characterized by both good practical qualities and an attractive appearance.

An important feature of the Opinel No. 12 model is that the knife is equipped with a Viroblock lock. This clutch mechanism is very simple and, due to the absence of unnecessary parts, is very durable. In addition, it fixes the blade in relation to the handle in two positions at once: open and folded. Therefore, Opinel No. 12 is perfectly safe to carry with you to camping or take on any other trip to nature.


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