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Opinel N°08 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Padouk

Opinel N°08 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Padouk

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Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 8cm/3.15in

Overall Length: 21.34cm/8.4in

Weight: 36g/1.27oz

Handle: Padouk

Opinel No. 8 is part of the extensive Slim series, which combines filet models. This means that its purpose is to cut meat and fish, to separate them from the bones. With the same knife, you can thinly and evenly cut vegetables, cheese. Its blade is quite thin and bends under pressure, so it is not intended for working with hard products.

The Opinel #8 blade is made from a quality Swedish steel called Sandvik 12C27. In addition to the fact that it tolerates water well and does not rust at all, this alloy is also hard. This means that knives made from it remain sharp for a long time and require only minimal maintenance. The blade length of Opinel No. 8 also speaks in favor of this model. It is 80 mm and this is enough to make it convenient to perform standard work on cutting meat and fish. All cuts will be neat and precise, because the blade is sharpened completely smoothly.

The handle of the knife fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its well-adjusted shape and convenient size of 110 mm. Approximately from the middle, it begins to narrow towards the outer edge, and then expands slightly so that the knife does not fall out of the hands. The material of the handle in this model is bubinga (a tree that grows in Africa). This wood has a rich brown color of medium tone with an implicit texture. Natural wood is very practical for knives: it is light, strong, durable and does not corrode. In addition, the wooden handle is always pleasant to hold in your hands, and in this model it also has a very attractive design.

Another feature of Opinel No. 8 is that this knife is folding. This allows you to conveniently and compactly store it, as well as take it with you on any trip. The knife is equipped with a special Viroblock lock, which is able to fix the blade both open and folded. It works on the clutch principle and is known for its reliability.


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