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Opinel N°08 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

Opinel N°08 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

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Opinel N°08 Slim Stainless Steel Folding Fillet Knife Olivewood

Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 8cm/3.15in

Overall Length: 19cm/7.48in

Weight: 36g/1.27oz

Handle: Olivewood

Fillet knives are used for conveniently cutting meat or separating fish from bones. They will find a use in any kitchen, and will be useful on trips to nature. Opinel No. 8 refers to just such models. This is a folding knife with a stainless steel blade. On his clique there is an Inox mark, confirming this fact. The blade is quite long (80mm) and flexible, so Opinel #8 should appeal to fishermen who like to personally prepare their catch. The knife is sharpened according to plain technology - smoothly. The blade ends with a sharp tip. In addition, there is a small notch on the side of the blade, prying it with a fingernail, the knife can be easily opened.

For the handle, a classic material is used - wood. In this model, it is an olive tree. It has a beautiful texture with alternating yellow and dark brown stripes. Taking into account the handle, the length of the knife Opinel No. 8 is 19 cm.

This model is especially convenient for trips to nature due to the fact that the blade of the knife folds into the handle. To fix it closed or working, a Viroblock lock is used. This is a proprietary development of this brand and has been used in Opinel knives for many years. Such a lock belongs to the clutch and is considered very reliable, as well as durable.


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