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Opinel N°8 Pruning Folding Knife

Opinel N°8 Pruning Folding Knife

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Opinel N°8 Pruning Folding Knife

Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 8 cm/3.15 in

Overall Length: 19 cm/7.48 in

Weight: 70g/2.47oz

To work with plants, you need a truly reliable knife that can withstand intensive use, high levels of moisture and heavy pollution. In addition, a knife for such work should be extremely user-friendly.

Garden knife Opinel No. 8 fully complies with the requirements described above and is perfect for working with various plants. Its Hawkbill-shaped blade with a smooth cutting edge is capable of cutting through plant stems and small branches with ease. And due to the peculiarities of the shape of the blade, it is necessary to apply a minimum of effort to cut, and the cut point is very even.

The blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, hardened to 56-58 HRC. Thus, the knife is able to withstand quite adverse operating conditions and remains sharp for a long time, even when working with wood.

The manufacturer installed the Virobloc lock in this model, which is also found in many Opinel knives and has already established itself as a simple and reliable mechanism that works flawlessly in any conditions.

The handle is made of wood and has a curved shape to match the blade. Despite the peculiarities of the shape, it fits quite comfortably in the palm of any size, while holding with almost any grip. In the end part there is a special hole for installing a safety lanyard.


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