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Opinel No.18 Carbon Steel Folding Saw

Opinel No.18 Carbon Steel Folding Saw

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GARDEN TOOLS - Folding Saw

Blade Material: XC90 Carbon Steel

Blade Length: 20 cm/8"

Overall Length: 40.6 cm/16"

Weight: 200g/7.05oz

Folding saw Opinel No. 18 is made of high carbon steel, which can withstand fairly heavy loads. The handle is made of beech, has a nice shape and color. The saw is sharpened in such a way that alternating pairs of small and large teeth of the saw are separated in a plane for more efficient cutting. A reliable lock will protect your hands from accidental folding of the canvas during operation. The working movement is the pull of the blade towards itself, which, coupled with the features of the handle, makes using the Opinel No. 18 folding saw extremely convenient and easy.

Opinel has been manufacturing knives and tools for over a hundred years. Its founder is Joseph Opinel, it was he who introduced the first models of knives in the 1890s, which appealed to many customers due to the quality of workmanship, simplicity and convenience. Today, the Joseph Opinel company, named after him, continues to produce knives and tools for a wide variety of uses. Years of experience and the introduction of new production technologies allow Opinel knives to confidently hold one of the leading positions in the world market to this day.

The main focus of Opinel production are folding knives for various situations, such as everyday wear, gardening, hunting and fishing, mountaineering and other types of work. One of the specialized tools for outdoor activities is the Opinel No. 18 folding saw. This saw is suitable for gardening or hiking when you need to cut large branches, but you don’t have an ordinary full-sized saw on hand. During a trip to nature, the Opinel No. 18 folding saw can be used in tandem with a small hatchet, which will make it possible to pave the way even in the densest thicket.


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