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Opinel N.221 Intempora Fillet Knife

Opinel N.221 Intempora Fillet Knife

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The Opinel Intempora 18cm/7" Fillet Knife is thin and flexible blade. It is perfect for incising and filleting fish, and removing skin or fat. The blade can also be used to slice meat and fish, as well as foie gras or terrine. The handle is ultra resistant to temperature, water and shock making it very useful in humid environments.

Blade Material: Sandvik Stainless Steel 12C27 Mod

Blade Length: 18cm/7inc

Overall Length: 33cm/13inc

Weight: 11.3g/0.4oz

Handle: Fiber-reinforced polymer
The molded handle is made from fiberglass polyoxymethylene which ensures excellent resistance to wear and water and outstanding impact strength. Thanks to its curved shape and triangular profile, it provides a secure and comfortable grip.


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