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Opinel N.219 Intempora Multi-Purpose Santoku Knife + Free Sharpener

Opinel N.219 Intempora Multi-Purpose Santoku Knife + Free Sharpener

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Inspired by the design of the Opinel pocket knife, the handle of the Intempora cooking knife guarantees a secure grip in the hand. Made from POM polymer loaded with fiberglass, it is resistant to use, shocks and heat, with its polished finish giving an elegant velvet feel in the hand. The blade is made from 12C27 Sandvik modified stainless steel with a high carbon content for effective cutting and excellent corrosion resistance. The full tang blade runs along the entire handle and gives the knife durability and balance. The dimpled blade remains rigid and stable when chopping and air pockets prevent cut material from sticking to the blade.

Blade Material: Sandvik Stainless Steel 12C27 Mod

Blade Length: 17cm/7inc

Overall Length: 33cm/13inc

Weight: 14g/0.5oz

Handle: Fiber-reinforced polymer
The molded handle is made from fiberglass polyoxymethylene which ensures excellent resistance to wear and water and outstanding impact strength. Thanks to its curved shape and triangular profile, it provides a secure and comfortable grip.


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