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Opinel N°09 Stainless Steel Oak Wood Folding Knife

Opinel N°09 Stainless Steel Oak Wood Folding Knife

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Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Blade Length: 9cm/3.54in

Overall Length: 20.5cm/8.07in

Weight: 58g/2.04oz

Handle: Oak Wood

The Opinel No. 9 model is suitable for use in an ordinary kitchen or during trips to nature. Its blade uses Sandvik 12C27 steel from Sweden. It is a stainless steel alloy with a high hardness rating of 58 HRC. Such steel tolerates contact with water well, but does not lose the quality of sharpening for a long time compared to other brands. Opinel No. 9 is smoothly sharpened and its blade is 9 cm long. It is thin enough to easily cut food and other materials. The thickness of the butt of the knife is 1.9 cm. The shape of the blade is also universal - with a sharp tip just below the line of the butt.

The Opinel No. 9 handle is made of beech wood. Wood has many advantages over other materials, including resistance to rust, lightness, strength. In addition, the handle is impregnated with a special compound that increases the wood's resistance to getting wet. This knife can be washed in the dishwasher along with the rest of the dishes.

The Opinel No. 9 folding model is equipped with a sleeve lock called Viroblock. A few decades ago, this lock was developed specifically for Opinel and is now used in all folding models of this brand. The advantage of such a lock lies in its ability to lock the blade both in the open and in the folded position. In addition, the design of the lock is very simple and it consists of only one part - a metal swivel sleeve.


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