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Opinel Intempora Trio Set Chef Knives

Opinel Intempora Trio Set Chef Knives

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Set included:
-N°218 20 cm Multi-Purpose Chef's Knife
-N°220 15cm Carving Knife
-N°225 8cm Paring Knife

Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27

Handle: Fiber-reinforced polymer
The molded handle is made from fiberglass polyoxymethylene which ensures excellent resistance to wear and water and outstanding impact strength. Thanks to its curved shape and triangular profile, it provides a secure and comfortable grip.

The set includes three pieces, including a paring knife, a carving knife and a chef's knife. Fine blades will provide you with perfect cutting of food and easy cooking. The design of the knives, their performance, high quality materials - everything so that you can enjoy the impeccable work of the models.

The blade is based on 12C27 steel from Sandvik. It is a stainless metal alloy that guarantees a satisfactory cutting edge. The handle is made using polyoxymethylene filled with fiberglass. As a result, the knife handle becomes resistant to impact, wear and moisture. The curved shape of the handle adds to the ease of use.

Remember the rules for caring for models so that the knives last a long time and work efficiently. Manufacturers recommend washing knives exclusively by hand. Store products in a place specially designed for this, separately from other utensils. Protect knives from deformation and damage. Also, do not use aggressive cleaning products when washing knives. It is not recommended to use models for other purposes.


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