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Hultafors Craftsman's Knife HVK BIO

Hultafors Craftsman's Knife HVK BIO

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Outdoor Knife

Blade Material: Carbon steel

Total Length: 20.8 cm / 8.19 in

Blade Length: 9 cm / 3.54 in

Weight: 100g/3.67oz

Handle Material: bio-based HDPE-plastic

A more sustainable option to our popular craftman’s knife. The handle is produced in bio-based plastic and with a unique design we have also managed to save material in the handle. All in all, this reduces the environmental impact. The handle has a hole for a strap, to enable you to secure the knife when working at heights. The blade is made from 2.5 mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 58-60 HRC. The knife is also available with a paper sleeve to enable reuse of your existing holster and to reduce the climate footprint even more. HVK BIO has the same strength and durability as the rest of our craftsman’s knives.


Material saving in the handle to reduce environmental impact.
The handle is made from extra durable bio-based HDPE-plastic.
Hole in handle for tool securing.
HVK BIO – PH is delivered with a paper sleeve instead of holster.
The cutting edge is sharpened in several stages, with a final honing on a leather strop.


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