Solid wood cutting board with handle - 44x18 cm

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-A wooden board for serving and cutting made of solid hardwood with a comfortable and strong handle.

-Length 44 cm including handles, width 18 cm. Work area 32x18 cm, thickness 2 cm.

-Handmade from one piece of natural solid beech wood, without glue, varnish and other materials. Made in Europe.

-Solid wood cutting board, beautiful and impressive. Easy to store and clean. Suitable for hanging on the wall for storage and decorating the home or kitchen.

European solid beech cutting board is famous for its strength and durability. The wood has a beautiful natural color and a sweet smell. With a handle, it can meet the demands of busy kitchens, making it perfect for cutting meats and serving heavy, hot foods.
The cutting board comes with an ergonomic sliding handle that makes it very easy to hold the board while you pour the chopped ingredients into the cooking pot, helping to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
A very strong and durable professional cutting board. It is thick and large enough to hold large and heavy foods such as a whole chicken or a large head of cabbage. The board is suitable for everyday cooking at home and in restaurants. A wooden cutting board for the kitchen is very easy to clean with a little soap and water. We recommend not soaking it in water and not putting it in the dishwasher, which damages the natural wood structure.
Cutting board with a multi-purpose handle - the cutting board can be used to cut all types of food such as bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits and pizzas. The board can also be used as a fashionable and presentable serving board!

* The picture is for illustration only. The color of the product varies according to the natural nature of the wood.

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