solid wood round tray divided into 4 parts 30 cm

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A round serving dish made of natural and solid wood, circumference 30 cm, thickness 2.5 cm, depth about 1 cm. Handmade from European olive wood using the Lamy method that maintains the strength and durability of the tool over time.
The other side of the tray is a cutting board with a liquid drainage channel - an original and rare dual-use product.
A special and designed serving tool made of hard wood. Looks impressive and presentable on any table and at any event.
A serving dish for crackers, dried fruits, snacks, cheeses and candies.
High quality natural wooden serving utensils. Our special serving plates are made by our experts in order to make the serving plates a great decoration and design for your table.
Suitable for a serving tray of cheeses and crackers, made of natural wood that is completely safe to use and serve various snacks. 100% natural wood leaves no smell or aftertaste in your food.
A round tray divided into 5 compartments for serving different foods at events, parties and holidays. The special design of the tray allows you to serve different types of food in an aesthetic and impressive manner without mixing them.
The unique design of serving utensils gives an aesthetic, impressive and elegant look to the table and allows you to decorate your party or dinner.
The round tray is very easy to clean and store. After using the wooden tray, wash it under running water and wipe it with a kitchen towel.

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