Round wooden cutting board for pizza - 35 cm

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-Reversible round wooden board for serving pizza, steak, cheeses, 35 cm wide. Has a fluid drainage channel on one side and completely flat on the other.

-Handmade from one piece of solid and natural European beech wood - strong, durable and beautiful. Made in Europe.

-Round cutting board perfect as a serving tool for medium pizza up to 35 cm wide. Looks beautiful and impressive in serving different foods. Suitable for home, events and restaurants.

A round cutting board made by hand from solid wood from one piece of hard wood - a strong and durable board for a long time. Excellent round board for pizza, bread, cheeses and meats. The drainage channel for juices allows easy and clean serving of meat and fruits such as watermelon. The round board will last for years if properly maintained. Round cutting boards are special serving tools. Has a large area and a representative appearance. The board is a versatile cutting surface. You can cut and serve all types of meat, cut fruits and vegetables, chop herbs, and all this while maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen. A round wooden plate for pizzas is strong and durable: about 2 cm thick and can withstand blows, strong cutting, chopping and soaking, will not warp or split. A round board in a rich color of natural wood that gives a combination of rustic charm and elegance to your kitchen, ideal for use as a serving plate for guests and serving utensils at events. A perfect gift for holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and housewarming parties

* The picture is for illustration only. The color of the product varies according to the natural nature of the wood.

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